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Today in class we presented all about the sports games not a lot of people know about .The presentation was hard because we could not talk as a challenge to learn about collective learning. What was fun was deciding witch sport was the most coolest. The sport that was funnest for me was ping pong a game that a lot of people don’t appreciate as much its fun an blows of fun.


humanities collective learning.

today in my class in American canyon high school i learned that collective learning makes use what we are today without collective learning we would be nothing. What helped us blossom in life was are ability to speak .Speaking helped use advance what we are today.we learn collective reading bye changing are society.

a great meal to have is all the food in the health pyrimid and all people should have a serving of dairy weat protein and low calorie foods it is importasnt for people to stay healthy and improve in healty. staying healthy helps improve happines and self a steam

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As a mom of three little girls I am always looking for was to make things just a little bit easier. So, I was so excited to find the NEW microwavable penne pasta today during my weekly Trader Joe’s visit. My girls love any kind of pasta, but they especially love it when I make Penne Pasta and give them ketchup to dip the noodles in. They call them “Noodle Fries!”

With the quick cook noodles I was able to throw together lunch in under 5 minutes. I LOVE it when meal time is that easy!

The Break Down,

1. Pop the noodles in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes.

2. While the noodles cooked, I defrosted the peas by pouring really hot water over about a cup of frozen organic peas. A friend taught me this trick. It defrost the peas in minutes!

3. After the noodles were done…

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today I completed a presentation about a sport oreganated in korea sapraw karraw a sport made in korea for the milatary.and in the presentation no words were allowed we had to sort of in a way communicate not useing words . we found succeses my group presented and found our hand signals .What i found hard was trying to convince my classmates my sport . the sport is very very complecated witch even involves BACK FLIPS .in words we could not do that in class and lacked the skill to try that was a major set back.


apakraw takaraw

originated in korea

the rules are….no hands can be used , no out of bounds , no pushing nor punching .

you can not spike ball up away from players.

the games historey brings it back to late years in 1960s it was made for as a military sport.The nets were made of bamboo and ratta.