a great meal to have is all the food in the health pyrimid and all people should have a serving of dairy weat protein and low calorie foods it is importasnt for people to stay healthy and improve in healty. staying healthy helps improve happines and self a steam

Triplet Living

As a mom of three little girls I am always looking for was to make things just a little bit easier. So, I was so excited to find the NEW microwavable penne pasta today during my weekly Trader Joe’s visit. My girls love any kind of pasta, but they especially love it when I make Penne Pasta and give them ketchup to dip the noodles in. They call them “Noodle Fries!”

With the quick cook noodles I was able to throw together lunch in under 5 minutes. I LOVE it when meal time is that easy!

The Break Down,

1. Pop the noodles in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes.

2. While the noodles cooked, I defrosted the peas by pouring really hot water over about a cup of frozen organic peas. A friend taught me this trick. It defrost the peas in minutes!

3. After the noodles were done…

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